Become an Introducer

As an fully independent, Whole of Marker Broker we are able to deal with all lenders operating in the UK and we’re looking to build our professional team of client introducers.

One of CFB UK’s main source of client introductions is via third party referral, we believe for the following reasons:

  • We are whole of market and fully independent (not a packager or limited panel broker)
  • We ‘only’ provide services relating to commercial/business finance (we have no financial services offering and don’t arrange residential mortgages)
  • We provide a guaranteed no-cross sell agreement (we also ensure the lender doesn’t cross sell either)
  • We are ‘Full’ members of the NACFB
  • We don’t say ‘Yes’ to everything (if it is no, we explain why)
  • We charge our arrangement fee on acceptance of facility (not for simply obtaining any facility)
  • Our fee structure is competitive, fair, clear and transparent
  • We share a high percentage of the fees we receive with our introducers (client fees + lender fees)




CFB UK know how important clear communication is when dealing with both our introducers and their clients. Keeping everyone up to date with progress, good or bad, reduces frustration.

We also provide our services to other professionals to help them:

  • Retain Clients
  • Grow their business
  • Attract new clients
  • Enhance their service offering
  • Establish an additional revenue stream


To discuss how we may be able to work together or to establish fee sharing percentages, please call to speak to a CFB UK director on 0800 999 2015 or complete our enquiry form.